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If I have an existing AWS Linux instance directly with Amazon, does Turnkey Hub have a tool to reverse engineer my server configuration into a config file that I can use to maintain, update and deploy new instances?  I'm guessing it would use something like Docker, Chef, Puppet, Salt, etc.  I would need it to capture LAMP stack configuration (versions of PHP, MySQL, Apache, extensions, users/groups, firewall settings,  SSL Certs, etc).

This would be very helpful!!



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If it is a TurnKey Linux server then that should be really easy... Just use TKLBAM (Hub tour) (docs).

If it's Debian or Ubuntu you still may be able to get it to work...

Regardless, if you do use TKLBAM I highly recommend that you fully test your new/restored server to make sure that it all works as it should prior to destroying the old one...

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