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I want to use some appliance together on an old amd athlon 64 pc.

Which way will be easy / possible ?

-Starting with turnkey core and adding appliances

-Starting with turnkey Lxc and adding appliances

-Starting with one appliance distribution and add other appliance.


I want to use openvpn and simple network attached storage (samba file server) together.

Thanks for your time.


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Although installing all the software you want direct into a single install is probably the lowest resource usage. Depending on the specs that may actually be the best way to go. Obviously though that's not the easy way and certainly not very "TurnKey".

Also there is a catch with LXC - the new v14.0 isn't yet available... So if you go that way you'll need to use the old v13.0 build which is quite dated now. Or wait... (Or test v13.0 while you wait :)

What are the apps that you are looking to combine? If they are all web apps then I'd suggest that you start with one of the webserver appliances and then install the software yourself (all onto the one server). Apache is probably the most user friendly and forgiving; but also heavy on resources (esp RAM). Nginx is arguably the best performance wise but not so user friendly. The other webserver we have is LigHTTPd (aka Lighty); another lighter weight webserver.

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Hello Jeremy,

Thanks for the answer.

I want to combine openvpn with samba file server (nas) or owncloud with samba file server (nas).

So my goal is building 7/24 working file server with lan and wan access.


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None of those appliances have common thread (other than they are all TurnKey apps) so they don't really nicely integrate. They are also quite complex (well at least the fileserver and openvpn are). None of them lend themselves easily to being combined, so I don't think that there will be an easy answer.

As I mentioned previously LXC is probably the best route from one perspective but I'm not sure about the networking. I have used Samba in an OpenVZ container (very similar tech to LXC) and had issues with Samba so it may need some trial and error.

So long story short; at this point I don't have any really solid advice on what will be your best course.

If your hardware is good enough then perhaps Proxmox (open source hypervisor) might be a good option...?

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Thanks for your help. I will try also Proxmox.

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I'm a big fan and have been using it for quite a few years now...

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