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Hello, when will be available template of Turnkey Redmine v 14.0? Please, I need it :)

Thank you!


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To be honest I'm not sure; but as soon as they are ready... I'm guessing (and hoping) by next week but I can't promise anything because we release when ready...
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I am also looking for OpenVZ builds of several appliances. Is there a way to make it ourself with the sources available on Github ? Or will they come soon as official download ?

Thanks !

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An official release will happen as soon as we have it ready.

In the meantime you can build it yourself. You'll need to set up a TKLDev instance and add buildtasks to it. It should work as it on OpenVZ (bt-openvz). The new build will be something of a hybrid; designed to run under both OpenVZ and LXC. If you want to test what I have already have a look at my ovz-lxc branch (the build command has been changed to bt-container).

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I see you are in developpement of the build thing so I will wait for official release.

If there is anything I could help for I would be glad to try to do it ! I have good experience in linux and openvz.

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Hello, when will be relased Redmine 14 for OpenVZ (VM)?

Thank you!

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Have a look here.

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