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Hi guys I am using debian-7-turnkey-lighttpd-php-fastcgi_13.0-1_amd64.tar.gz

Playing with proxmox I added an IP Address with venet. Now everything is defaulting to that address and I can't seem to change it.

ifup eth0 brings eth0 back up but I cannot assign any meaningful attributes to it. it fails when trying to add an IP Address or netmask.

For example when I attempt to add address it says:
Hostname Lookup Error


Any idea on how I can get eth0 back up?? I already removed the venet address from ProxMox. I've tried re-adding interfaces inside proxmox but when i reboot the turnkey container i see in the messages it's still stuck on that bogus IP i added. Any guidence would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Personally I just use venet with almost all my containers anyway. IMO a server should have a static IP so using venet makes that super easy. I have also read that it is much more secure.

But I am aware that some software doesn't like using a venet (e.g. Samba, BIND, etc) and for those ones I use the bridge (veth) which will provide a "eth0". I would expect it to work mixing these (though I've never tried - and your experience suggests not).

The first thing I would check is that the container networking is providing a veth network (to provide ethX). If not add one! Also perhaps removing the venet network too?

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Hey so if anyone is dumb like me or was just not thinking i got it working! :)


I was doing all sorts of reading and tried some stuff with udev and was playing with ifconfig. Using ifconfig I was able to bring the interface up and get it an IP address (I used the wrong syntax before!). However I still couldn't resolve hostnames or reach the internet.


I did

nano /etc/network/interfaces

and added

    auto eth0
    allow-hotplug eth0
    iface eth0 inet dhcp

And now I'm back up!



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