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Thanks for a great product btw. I need to upgrade from Joomla 2.5.x to Joomla 3.4.x.

Now, I'm running on a Webmin 1.730 on (Ubuntu Linux 10.04.1) from turnkeylinux. 

I was sort of hopeing that there was a easy way to upgrade mysql to a new version and PHP to a new version.

Is there? I've tried apt-get update stuff, not working... throws a error... I am not a novice linux user, I know basics but that is it...

I need help... I know there is migration tools for joomla such as Akeeba Backup, so I can download a new Turnkeylinux appliance and use lots of time configuring and moving files and db+++ but is there a quicker way?

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As per an answer I just gave in another thread there is no easy OS level upgrade path available. Nor will a new TKLBAM setup support migration. If on the other hand you already have TKLBAM installed and working you should be able to restore that backup to a newer version of TurnKey. You'll still need to do the Joomla update but you will then have newer versions of MySQL and PHP (and pretty much everything else inc Apache etc)...

If you don't have TKLBAM already configured then your out of luck on that front. So for you using a third party Joomla tool may be your best bet at this point. And then restore your backup to a new TurnKey server...

You may need to do further tweaks but please feel free to post back if you get stuck. I'm no Joomla expert but I'm generally pretty handy with Linux in general so may be able to help. And/or another more experienced Joomla user may chime on.

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