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I've some issues with recieving mail recieved through POSTFIX. I 'm running a ticket system, on a turnkey LAMP appliance.

Mails sendt to our support mailbox is recieved by POSTFIX and is normally delived to the ticket system through a PIPE. Mails are then parsed by the ticket system.

The problem is That som emails (around 5% - Isch) is bounced to sender with a NDR.

each of theese bounced mails can be found in mail.warn log

postfix/local[1538]: warning: pipe_command_read: read time limit exceeded

I cant figure out why this issue occours. I Cant trigger the issue by a single mail. The ticket system is parsing the mails in 0,1-2,5 sec.

Then the issue occours, the mail is placed in the mail que, I can re-schedule the mail, and its delived just fine...


I need any hint that could lead me info a fix.



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Unfortunately Postfix is not my strong point. Is there anything in the logs that might give you a hint? Also perhaps upstream (i.e. Postfix themselves) might have some pointers on how to troubleshoot this one?
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Problem solved postfix removed and sendmail installed... the general performence is way better now :)


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But I must admit that I am surprised by your findings. TBH I've never had a lot to do with sendmail either. However I was under the impression that in comparison to postfix; sendmail was older, less efficient, less secure, etc...

Regardless though; if it works for you brilliant! :)

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