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I have successfully installed an Open Photo instance on Amazon ECS.

I like it :)

The main feature for which I selected it was that it could host images on Amazon S3.

I can't see anywhere in the interface to configure this.

Would someone please explain to this newbie how to tell OpenPhoto to store images on S3?

Thanks in advance.

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We didn't create a new release for v14.0 because it is no longer being developed.

Since the v13.0 release (the one that I assume you are using) OpenPhoto was renamed TroveBox. We were planning to just rename the appliance and use the latest version but seeing as development has stopped we figured that we'd be bettter off just leaving it out rather than producing a server that was using abandoned software...

Having said all that there is an old thread that does contain some info (kindly provided by the OpenPhotoe lead dev). Given the date of the thread I would assume that that related to the v12.x build; but I am guessing that the process is somewhat similar...

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I never actually tried it but yes as I understand it; it is a case of rerunning the OpenPhoto setup script (not to be confused with the TurnKey initialisation scripts).

Otherwise, sorry we don't have a current "photo sharing" type appliance (other than Gallery - but that's EOL too and wasn't rebuilt for v14.0). So it's actually a real hole in our appliance line-up, which we need to fill. If you come across any great (open source) software that you think would make a great TurnKey candidate then please let us know.

Somewhat ironically we were almost created a Coppermine Gallery some years ago but decided against it as we had both OpenPhoto and Gallery at the time and thought that another photo gallery appliance woulod have been overkill. As it turns out 4 years later that's the only one still alive! We should probably rethink it's inclusion...

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