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Openphoto: facebook and admin

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I succesfully setup an openphoto server through the turnkey hub.  However, I noticed that unlike the web based version of openphoto, the turnkey version does not offer the option to share or link to facebook.  Can that be added?  Is this something that was done when making the virtual appliance?

Also, is there a way to log in to an admin console for the openphoto server?  When I tried to re-reun setup, it told me I did not have permission.  I can get to the php admin, but that does not appear to help.

Finally, one of the things that appealed to me was the integration with S3.  How can I link my S3 account to the openphoto appliance?



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I'm just the lead dev of

I'm just the lead dev of OpenPhoto so I'm not that familiar with Turnkey Linux. But here's some insight.

I believe it's configured out of the box to use the local file system and a local MySql server. At the moment this is changed in the setup process which is disabled. I'm not entirely sure why that's disabled but the author of the package might have a good reason.

We have open issues to move the components in /setup into the Management pages. But for now that's where it is and it's disabled so you're sort of stuck with the configuration that's there.

The Facebook buttons are enabled via a plugin. If you go to Manage -> Applications you should see the FacebookConnnect and FacebookLike plugins. You'll need to enable both of these (Connect is a dependency of Like). You'll need a Facebook app and provide the plugin with your API key/secret.

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You can set admin email and password from Hub

All TKL appliances have firstboot scripts to set things such as admin username/email and password. When launching from the Hub the firstboot doesn't run but instead these values can be pre-seeded from the Hub WebUI on launch.

If you didn't do that, then you have a few options:

If you don't have anything in there; destroy your server and launch a new one making sure to set the OpenPhoto admin email and password

Or, manually re-run the OpenPhoto TKL init (ie firstboot) script from the console:

cd /usr/lib/inithooks/bin

Or enable OpenPhoto /setup (see here

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Jeremy, I followed your


I followed your instructions to permit me to re-run the setup and was able to access it.  However, even after I selected S3 as my file sysytem and entered the key information, when I clicked the final button, it gave me an error 500 message.  Also, I am curious:  When entering the fields for S3, do I have to use the *.tklapp.com bucket or can I name it what I want, or better still, can I use an existing bucket?




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Do you have access to the

Do you have access to the logs? If there's an issue connecting to the database or S3 then it should be available in the apache logs.

If you always get a 500 error then it doesn't sound like it'd be related to S3 though.

You can specify the name of an existing bucket or one which doesn't yet exist. They keys just need permission to create/read/write to said bucket.

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I know nothing about OpenPhoto

I had nothing to do with the TKL OpenPhoto appliance (nor had I even heard of OpenPhoto prior to the TKL appliance release). So Jaisen is your man there. 

As for your 500 error, I'm not sure. The post I linked to wasn't by me, nor have I tested it, but others had reported that it worked for them. 

As for S3, I suspect that using S3 in OpenPhoto will require you to use a different bucket to TKL. But I don't know that for sure...

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On last thing:  There is no

On last thing:  There is no option present to add the facebook app.  Was that done when you created the appliance?  From where can it be installed?


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Is it not available under

Is it not available under Manage->Applications->Plugins?

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Jaisen,  That is correct.  I


That is correct.  I do not see that option.

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