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I have changed $VERSION to and ran make in tkldev within clean suitecrm.

The build produces product.iso with no errors. However the password for suitecrm admin does not work.

I tried turnkey-init several time to no avail.

Could anyone help diagnose that issue?



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You'll need to check the inithook and see why it's not working.

My first guess was that perhaps the DB has changed, but looking at the inithook code (this bit particularly) I can see that it currently uses a hash for the password. They're not very secure, so my guess is that they've switched to something better (bcrypt is all the rage these days). I'm not sure if that's it though, you'll need to try to diagnose the issue. IME if you look in the database (before the inithook has been run) if the password hash starts with a "$2" that usually means it's bcrypt.

If that's the case then you're in luck as I recently fixed the Concrete5 inithook as they changed from some esoteric messy salted hash to bcrypt which might give you a hand? Have a look at this commit diff for Concrete5 to get some pointers...

Also as it turns out; this could be timely... We are gearing up for v14.1 and although historically we only installed security patches for maintenance updates, we are considering including some other software updates. So if you can get this working, please open a new issue on the tracker. Don't worry about tagging it (you can't anyway), I'll see it and update it). Also do a pull request against the SuiteCRM appliance code; it also helps if you can add a comment like "closes" - where XXX is the issue number.

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Looking at the files:

root@tkldev inithooks/firstboot.d# less 40suitecrm  
root@tkldev inithooks/firstboot.d# less 20regen-suitecrm-secrets 

and here:

root@tkldev lib/inithooks# ls bin/ |xargs cat

and trying to figure out how to skip APP_PASS I find no immediate clues how to do it.

Part of the problem is I have no schooling in bash or python programming. All I am trying to do is by intuition only. So in essence I am grepping for a code snippet where I could comment out APP_PASS for suiteCRM, and then see what happens.

No victory yet.


best regards,

Lin Pro

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I know this has been discussed on GH but thought I'd answer here for completeness...

I'm fairly certain that there is more to this than I originally thought and that the current install process is not compatible with the newer version. As you saw on GitHub we'll have a look into and see how we go...

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