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Not having a good time with TWiki after installation.

I'm a do-it-yourselfer, but for the life of me I can't find any documentation. It took me far more than an hour just to discover how to get to the base page (I looked in /var/www and found twiki/. I looked in there and found index.html, so I pointed my browser at https://<servername>/twiki/index.html and of course got 404 errors. Eventually, out of frustration from endless checks, apache bounces, reboots, trolling the filesystem, I tried simply http://<servername> and guess what came up?

I set the AdminUser password during initialization, yet it doesn't let me log in as AdminUser. I also set my e-mail as the AdminUser's e-mail, but when I tried to reset my password, it tells me there is no e-mail for AdminUser.

One of the countless pages on the Turnkey site tells me the webmaster's e-mail address is set in the /etc/twiki/LocalSite.cfg... yet there is no /etc/twiki directory tree.

I searched through the webmin connection (which I was only able to get to with Google Chrome), and both locations for users/passwords are mysteriously free of the AdminUser's account.


Surely there is documentation. There simply MUST be documentation for TWiki somewhere.



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Firstly thanks for posting. It's good to get this sort of feedback so we can see how we can do things better.

When you completed initialisation it should have displayed how to connect to your Twiki server i.e. http[s]://>servername-or-ip-address</ (plus other stuff like Webmin, SSH, etc).

As for your problems with the Admin login, that shouldn't be. I'll have to investigate and get back to you.

What sort of documentation are you looking for? There is quite a bit of documentation - most of the appliances are very similar; it's essentially just the bits on top that change. FYI the Twiki appliance is built on LAMP which is built on Core.

Perhaps you could help us write some better "getting started docs"? We've all been using TurnKey for so long now that it's hard to remember what looks like to someone new!

We don't have docs for TWiki application usage (i.e. the software not the server). You'll need to look at TWiki upstream (where we get the software from) for how to actually use the TWiki software itself (we just install it).

Also when you say that you were only able to view Webmin via Chrome, what other browsers did you try? TKL should work with an up to date version of Safari, Firefox or IE11, although most of our developers don't use Windows so IE isn't thoroughly tested. Many things will not work with earlier versions of IE. If you can't update to IE11 then we recommend you use Firefox or Chrome.

Webmin is Linux administration software and allows you to administer the underlying OS and many of the sub-systems. It doesn't support configuring TWiki itslef (I assume that TWiki has it's own Admin area for that). I don't know for sure but I imagine that TWiki keeps it's user info in the database so if you knew what to look for you may be able to tweak users in Adminer; but I wouldn't probably recommend it...

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It has been fixed but didn't make it into the v14.0 release. It will be in v14.1 (when that comes, soon hopefully...)

See the conversation around the issue here:

Unfortunately the workaround requires you to reinstall and use a poor password initially (6 lowercase characters should do it). Once you have logged in to TWiki then update your password to a better one.

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