Here it is and I know I am not the only one with this problem and I am sure it has been asked a bunch of times but IK am un able to find the answer that works. 

I am tring to increase the file upload limit in wordpress. via ssh from a Linux box

I have tried multiple different solutions 

change php.ini file

make an .htaccess 

move the php.ini file plus a few other things that I can't recall right now. I have been able to change the php.ini file in a virtual box runing windows with a wordpress server on it but that is just to much of a vm to be running when I could be running Tunkey

I have serched your forum and the net but have not found anything on turnkey - wp - file limit

OS - Mint 17.3 (running Turnkey) 

VM - tried both .iso and vm file

I can ssh into turnkey no problem but an't find the right variables to change

Could some please tell me what file I need to change to get it so I can upload something bigger?

Thanks for any help!


Never Mind. after poking around webmin I found it


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FWIW adjusting the php.ini (for Apache, note there is a separate one for commandline) should also work fine. You need to restart Apache for it to apply though.
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Kindly create your own php.ini with your limits and upload it under your root folder.

Now, restart your apache server.

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