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hey guys,

Everytime i want to restore my redmine database with my old servers data i get:

ERROR 2013 (HY000) Lost connection to MySQL server during query

this error comes only when i try to restore...

strange is that im following the same install routine i did with a live version of this lovely appliance and at the live appliance mysql  didn´t crash...

so what is the diference between live and installed appliance?

I´m new to this and would b very happy if somebody could help-_^

thx in advance


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So it's cashing on restore only? Have you got plenty of RAM? Running out of RAM/swap space is the most common cause of a MySQL crash.

TBH though I would expect that the Live environment would be more likely to crash if it were purely RAM related.

If this is till an issue please contact me off list (jeremy AT and if we can get a copy of your DB and/or backup then we can try to reproduce it and work out the issue.

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