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I've been using turnkey-install-security-updates, but wondering if it is OK to run apt-get update/upgrade on the appliances?

Using both TKL 13 & 14

Would anything break?


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apt-get update just updates the local list of available packages. apt-get upgrade installs them...

But to answer your question, it probably won't be a problem. Everything will probably work fine. But if this is a production server then unless you have a need why bother? If everything is working fine why change it?

If you really want to do it then probably the best plan would be to make a "staging" server by restoring a backup to a new VM. Then install the updates and make sure that all is well. One you have tested then you can then repeat these steps on your production servers.

Or if you can't be bothered with that and are happy to live dangerously; then you could just do it and keep your fingers crossed. It will probably work fine but will be a major pain if it doesn't...

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correct update and then upgrade, mainly after a qualys scan on the appliance TKL 14 Magento, results show a bunch of xss red-flags, in addition to other medium security warnings.

yes it is production, but i can snapshot prior to update/upgrade, just wanting some sort of confirmation.




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But I'd certainly be interested in hearing more about the errors/issues from the scan. Perhaps you need to update Magento software itself? IIRC the latest version won't install on v14.0 though as Debian Jessie (the base of v14.x) doesn't have a new enough version of MySQL.

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