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Hello, I've run into an issue with the TKL Fileserver App. I can create some shares that work just fine, and then there are shares that will not allow me access them despite having the same samba and linux permissions. Here's an example.

From my smb.conf file:

[Project A Share]
    comment = Project A
    directory mode = 770
    create mode = 770
    writeable = yes
    write list = @project_a_group
    path = /srv/ProjectA
    browseable = yes

[Project B Share]
    comment = Project B
    directory mode = 770
    create mode = 770
    writeable = yes
    write list = @project_b_group
    path = /srv/ProjectB
    browseable = yes

Directory Listing for Shares:

drwxrws--- 3 root project_b_share   4096 Feb 26 23:10 ProjectB
drwxrws--- 2 root project_a_share   4096 Feb 26 23:07 ProjectA

Performing a groups myuser shows that I am a member of project_b_share and project_a_share. I have also made sure to utilize the "Convert Users" script and I clearly see that my user is a valid user. 


So, why does one work and the other not? I am stumped unless something is happening with Samba such that an error stops the processing of some script somewhere. But I am pretty much using this out of the box, so I don't think I broke anything.





UPDATE: It appears to be an issue with group settings. If I change the folder permissions in linux to 777, I can write just fine. This isn't a good idea, so I will have to find an alternative. Upon further inspection, I had created a samba group called project_a_share. Once I deleted this group, I could write to it. Why is this?

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Hopefully that might give some indication as to what is going on... Also in another thread a user suggests that there may be something wrong with Samba's group sync. Unfortunately they haven't yet supplied much info so I'm not sure if that might have something to do with it...?

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