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I have migrated from a V13 release of the WordPress appliance to the V14 and also migrated the WordPress site.  I cannot seem to get the default backend (Web Shell - SSH, Webmin, PHP Admin) to use the same certificate as the Wordpress site.  It is a wildcard and while I have added it a couple of time in the Webmin interface and it does show as current, it is not the one being served by the site.  Spent a few hours hacking at issue without success.  


At thsi stage I am wiling to live with it since I am the only one on the backend management, but the damn Chrome warnings are anoying and I know I had it on the V13 site without issue.


Thanks for any help.

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As of v14.0 both Webmin and Webshell are now running behind stunnel. So you'll need to add your cert location to the stunnel config. IIRC Webmin does not have a stunnel module so you'll need to use the commandline. I generally recommend nano as it's an intuitive commandline text editor.
nano /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf
And you'll need to adjust the line that currently reads something like this:
cert = /etc/ssl/certs/cert.pem
Change it so that it points to your wildcard cert; something like this (obviously change it to the proper path of your cert):
cert = /etc/ssl/some-path/wildcard-cert.pem
Save your changes and restart stunnel:
service stunnel4 restart
If there are any issues stunnel restart will fail. If that happens double check your cert path.
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Worked and added to the post deployment checklist.


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