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Download several ISO files and install them in VM (VirtualBox), but something goes wrong because the credentials you entered in the installation wizard do not work.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

I try with the following apps:

- turnkey-fileserver

- turnkey-lamp

- turnkey-mediawiki

- turnkey-odoo

- turnkey-openvpn



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It's weird as if it were one appliance that wasn't very popular that you were having issues with then there would be a possibility that you found a bug. But the appliances you list are mostly pretty popular so it would be strange for them all to be broken.

The only thing that jumps out at me as a possibility is if you are using a non-US keyboard; or using some characters in your passwords that for some reason aren't registering properly.

Also what version are they? We do have v14.1 ISOs on the mirror but I am in the process of rebuilding those as some of them are buggy (I did the initial builds with the wrong brnach of common - doh!). Some of the v14.0 appliances have bugs (which v14.1 will fix) but they should all install and initialise fine (e.g. login vis SSH should work flawlessly on them all).

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