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Dealing with a Baffling WordPress issue. Playing with a Turnkey WordPress virtual appliance. I decided to reset the MySQL password for the wordpress database. Did so, everything worked great until I rebooted the system. Upon rebooting, I got "Error establishing a database connection". When I checked wp-config.php, I noticed that upon rebooting, the password I entered had been hashed. However, for some reason, the system can't make a connection  after hashing the password. If I edit wp-config.php and re-enter the password, all is well again. The password exists in plain text, WordPress can establish a connection, and everything is happy until I reboot. At which point, the cycle repeats. on an I'm guessing, related note,  I've noticed that each time I restart the virtual machine and SSH in, I get the warning that remote host verification has changed. Is something about VMWare breaking all my hashes? Has anyone else seen this? Thanks.

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Can you give me the output of
cat /etc/default/inithooks 
It should look like this:

Note the "RUN_FIRSTBOOT=false". My guess is that for some (weird) reason your server is rerunning the non-interactive inithooks each time it reboots. But I'm only guessing...
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Hi Al,

Could you clarify the context of the problem please.

Q1: What TKLX appliance and what version?

Q2: Is your appliance unmodified (right out of the box) or modified (installed other packages, applications, apt-get upgrade, anything)?

Q3: Is this problem reproducible in Virtualbox (to elminate VMWare as the culprit)?

Answering these questions will help to get to the root of the problem quickly.

Just as an example...the following scenario may or may not be related to your situation but it does fit the symptoms...see


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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