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I am trying to get Ryan's In/Out Board ( running on TurnKey LAMP server and failing miserably.

I keep getting an Internal Server Error when I try to call any of the perl files.

Perhaps I have perl cgi-bin access set up wrong? I have no idea how to test this.

I am a Linux newb (hence why I am trying to set this up with TurnKey).

Any help is appreciated and I will provide any information I can when asked.

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But my guess is that it is to do with Apache config. The default config is fairly locked down (for security reasons). But if that were your issue it should be displaying the perl files as text in your browser (rather than errors).

The first thing I would check is the Apache logs. They may note where things are going wrong. Get the last few entries like this:

tail /var/log/apache2/error.log

Otherwise I note that they have a support forum so it may also be worth posting on there. Essentially TurnKey v14.x LAMP appliance is Debian Jessie so it should work without too much trouble...

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Thank you for your help!

I've managed to get it up and running now!

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What was the issue? Perhaps if you post what you needed to do to fix it might be useful info for others?
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The problem, in part, had to do with the software having hard coded paths in parts of it.

You're supposed to be able to designate what directories your cgi-bin directory was and such but when I did that, everything broke. I had to reinstall the entire thing leaving all the default (and long and ugly) paths to all the resources.

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I thought there may have been something that we could do to make the LAMP appliance better but it sounds like it was related specifically to that software. Thanks for posting back though! :)

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