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I am tasked to get SuiteCRM (or any similar CRM based on a LAMP stack) running on our companies NAS. The NAS we're using is a WD MyCloud DL2100.

As per the MyCloud SDK, the system is capable of running Docker Containers.

Now I wonder, can I use the Turnkey SuiteCRM Docker image download to get SuiteCRM running on the NAS Server? Or is that potentially causing conflicts, since the NAS already has a MySQL instance, PHP and Apache preinstalled? 

My intention is to host the CRM database on the MySQL instance which is already preinstalled on the NAS. How would I do that, using the Turnkey download? 

Further, here on the Turnkey Website, the download link for the Docker image is not working. When I browse the Turnkey SuiteCRM website and click on the Docker download, I am just getting redirected to some Docker Repository Hub but there is no file available for download. I need to have a Tarball containing the Docker image, to be able to install it on the NAS using the built in app installation function. That is described in the NAS manual on Page 72, Paragraph "Manually Adding an App"

Summary: Please advise how I can get the Turnkey SugarCRM Docker image installed and running in our MyCloud NAS, without causing conflicts with the already preinstalled instances of MySQL, PHP and Apache.

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But TBH I'm not sure that TurnKey is the tool for you. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not convinced that running a VM on a NAs is a good option for a corporate instance of CRM software.

You download the Docker image direct from the Docker Hub. That's how Docker is designed to work. As per Docker recommendations we use the Docker Hub for our Docker containers. The Docker Hub is intended to interact with a locally installed instance of Docker that you use from the commandline. If you can get commandline access to your NAS it may be possible to install our Docker container but possibly not.

After having a bit of a look at the docs you linked to I'm pretty sure that this isn't going to work... Your NAS appears to be ARM (same as phones and tablets) whereas TurnKey is 64 bit x86 (same as desktops and servers). You may be able to install SugarCRM directly; or alternatively install TurnKey as a VM on one of your existing PCs.

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