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I am trying to figure this out, but i really can't get a hold on to it.

I installed the OpenVPN image to a KVM VPS and everything went fine. Created a profile, imported into Viscosity and it is connecting fine. But no internet at all on my client. Tried different settings in the Viscosity client for DNS, but nothing works.

I installed DNScrypt and all of a sudden i have internet. So my guess is that the profile isn't sending the DNS servers with it.

Any idea how i can fix that?

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I am not particularly familiar with OpenVPN but I did a quick google and a firewall blocking VPN port seems to be a common issue. I 'm not sure but DNScrypt may be pulling DNS via your network (rather than via the VPN)?
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I still haven't had a chance to look into it in any detail, but I have posted an issue on our tracker.

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