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I set up a Turnkey Linux Fileserver, ever so easy!  I'd like to clone the machine as I need 5 identical (almost) fileservers.  I used Clonzilla for disk-to-disk cloning but unfortunately the resulting clone does not boot.  I think it's because the system is using UUID to identify the hard disk.  Anyone know how I can accomplish my aim?

Thank you.

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So can't help you there sorry.

Another way to skin the cat would be to use TKLBAM.

Do a clean install on each machine. Then do a backup of the machine you have set up. Do it straight to a USB and then restore it to each of the machines. The FAQ and man pages will be helpful resources! :)

Using the Hub would make it easier, but slower because of the network traffic (upload the backup, then download it 5 times).

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