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Hello all.

I am new to VPN and need a little help.

I am about to give up on Turnkey as I just cannot seem to figure out how to access our LAN once connected to the VPN.

I have successfully set it up and can connect to the VPN remotely, but once connected I cannot access anything on our LAN.

Here's what I am trying to accomplish:

We have Mac development computers/servers runing on our subnet.  From what I have learned the iOS devices cannot utilize the TAP connection and need to use TUN.  I am unclear if bridging needs to be used and if it will work with TUN.

I have a Turnkey server setup and running on one of our public IP addresses and can eassily get the connection up.  The problem is that once I get connected, I cannot access our LAN.

Could someone possibly help me with getting this server working?  I really like how easy Turnkey is to use and would like to stick with it, but I am under a deadline and if I cannot get it working, I will have to abandon Turnkey and try and find another way to get our remote users with iOS devices connected remotely to our LAN.

Any help with this would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you.




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I been off for a little while and we're pretty snowed under (what's new...) so apologies on the slow response.

TBH I don't have much experience using our OpenVPN appliance. Actually the only time I have used it is for testing just prior to a new release. During my testing I have simply set it up and it "just works".

So I'm not much help to you sorry. :( As you mentioned you are pressed for time so may well have moved on already. When I get a chance, I will set it up and have a play so I have a better understanding and can be more useful to yourself and other users in your position.

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Hi Jeremy.

Thank you for the follow up.  I certainly understand being buried.

Yes, I was pressed for time and had to move on to other software that I did get working.

I really do like Turnkey and it was super easy to setup.  My only struggle was being able to bridge to our LAN while using TUN.  Not sure if that is possible.

So like I said, I have moved on so there is no hurry in supporting this problem unless of course you desire to.  The one thing that did work for me on my Barracuda VPN install was setting the Network Card to Promiscuous mode.  That instantly allowed connection to all of the addresses on our LAN.  Maybe that will help you?

Thanks again for following up.


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Thanks for taking the time to respond even though it's not immediately relevant to you.

I really appreciate your input and certainly plan to investigate this further. However, honestly it's not particularly high on my priorities right now...

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