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I have recently begun coding an application on Android Studio, I followed a number of tutorials for creating login and registration pages. I set up the TKL mysql server and have been trying to access it from the Android emulators but I seem to be getting the same error over and over again. From what I gather it is to do with the Certificate Authorities for the server. If anyone has a solution to this it would be much appreciated as I am new to the networking side of things and haven't got much experience.

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I haven't used the standalone MySQL appliance much and haven't done any development with Android studio so TBH I'm not much help to you...

TurnKey is Debian under the hood, so if you can find some info on how to set it up "properly" on Debian Jessie (v14.x = Jessie), you should be able to compare those settings to what TurnKey has and adjust them so it works...

If you manage to get it working, we'd really love to hear back as no doubt someone else could also benefit from your new found knowledge! :)

If it seems that the TurnKey default settings need tweaking to make them better, please let us know (ideally by posting on our Issue Tracker) and assuming we agree and don;'t see any flaws in your suggestion, we'll include it in the next release. Worst case scenario, we won't include your suggestion but we'll explain why.

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