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Hello there,

From this morning I have an issue with my LAMP machine, in particular I'm not able to open the webmin interface on 12321 port. It worked fine on last week, however I don't rember all changes occured.

In order to fix quickly I removed it from apt-get command and I reinstalled it: apt-get install webmin. Now I have a Webmin that it isn't from TurnKey, I think it is the one from debian official repository. The question is: how I can install the Webmin Turnkey version?

Thanks a lot. Please let me know if you need more details.


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Debian don't have Webmin packaged so I'm pretty sure you should have the right one.

So perhaps if you could explain what your issues are and/or what isn't as you think it should be and we can go from there.

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FWIW we package all the default modules. So if you want/need to install a specific module, it may be possible via apt. E.g. to install ProFTPd Webmin module:

apt update && apt install webmin-proftpd

Note that to use it, you'd also need to install ProFTPd too.

If you definitely want a newer version of Webmin regardless, you can uninstall the current webmin and install via the upstream Debian instructions (TurnKey is built on top of Debian).

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