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When I try to go to the page for the Mediawiki appliance I receive an access denied message. This was happening yesterday also. Anyone else running into this?



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We need to update the MediaWiki appliance. It's not suffering from any vulnerabilities as far as we know, but the version included is no longer supported.

We've decided that it's not urgent enough to issue a security announcement. But the less people that will need to follow manual upgrade instructions to get a supported version of MediaWiki, the better.

Ideally we'd just build the new appliance and release it straight away. However, I'm in the middle (actually hopefully getting towards the end) of dev work on our next Core release. So we have decided to put MediaWiki aside for the moment, focus on Core v14.2. Once we release Core then we'll update the appliance in batches after that. MediaWiki will be in the very first batch.

Unfortunately timelines have a nasty habit of blowing out, but I'm really hoping to have the new shiny MediaWiki released within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, if you understand the situation and really want a MediaWiki appliance NOW, then you'll find that the images are still on our mirror. You should be able to find that fairly easy. But I'm not going to tell you exactly, so that only those who are really keen and understand the implications will download it! :)

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