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I have a server with Webmin 1.780 (Debian 8). It appears I have installed something that is causing problems on the machine. However, when I do a search for the package under Installed Packages, it says it's not there. I know it's there because if I try to install it it will say it's already installed and there's nothing to do. What could be the cause of this?

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Assuming this is a TurnKey install, there is/was a bug in Webmin v1.780 regarding this. Please have a read here for a few optional workarounds.

IMO though, just doing it via the commandline is a superior way to go. E.g. to see the available & installed version(s) and the version (if any) that is installed:

apt-get update
apt-cache policy PACKAGE_NAME

Please note that the "apt-get update" line updates the local package database. So it only needs to be run if you haven't run it recently and/or you have tweaked any of the apt config.

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