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Hi Team,

a quick suggestion for the future: adding a keyboard selection during initial setup.

With TK Wordpress I had to type 3 different passwords: root, wp and adminer with my french keyboard and this not so easy especially with special characters.

Yes, i can install console-setup and console-data later but i need to relaunch turnkey-init...

Not so easy as a "turnkey" solution...


Anyway, TK is great distro with great support.

All my best....



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Thanks for your suggestion Philippe.

Yes, I can certainly see that TurnKey isn't very "turnkey" for users with a non-US international keyboard. It would be nice to make things easier for users such as yourself. We have had some thoughts about that, but because of the way our installer works, the implementation is not that easy. No promises, but when I get some spare cycles, I'll have a closer look.

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As your distro is based on Debian, maybe you can take a look and inspiration from OpemMediavault distribution project. Setup is very similar to TK and includes keyboard selection as a first step...

All my best,


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