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We just installed the Server using the image from

After install when we try to go the the start page (Server IP) we get redirected to

I'm brand new to this and really not sure what to do to fix it.

Thanks for your Help

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MediaWiki requires that a domain be set and by default, it's set to If you didn't change that when you ran the firstboot scripts, then that would explain why it's redirecting (it will redirect to the domain set at first boot).

If you're just testing, then possibly the quickest workaround is to add a hosts file entry to point to the IP of your VM (i.e. Alternatively, you could re-run the MediaWiki firstboot script and set the IP address as the domain. Either way, only use that for testing, or make sure that you set a static IP for your VM.

To rerun the firstboot script from the commandline:


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