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I have installed TKL Magento on AWS EC2 instance. I am needing sample data in the application, to see the features of Magento and also to make this as a demo setup. Kindly help.


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Jaikant S Rao,

I would,

Go to the Magento Open Source Tech Resources site and scroll down to my versions Full Release with Sample Data.

I would try to extract the sample data and import it into my instance.


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Cyberden, I have tried the link that you provided as my first attempt. The configuration steps given along with the image, gives some error. Afer trying to troubleshoot for some days, I gave up.  I used TKL Magento installation. It worked and I am able to use the same. But there is no sample data in the TKL Magento image. It is a blank database. I tried to import the data from Magento website link that you shared, using Composer command. The TKL Magento instance started giving error, which I did expect. The TKL Magento installation follows different softare stack, right from OS. The Magento "Full Release with Sample Data Link" has a different stack and these need to be configured in their own way. Thats not useful.  If someone could point me to a source where I could just import data alone into a runniong Magento instance, that would help me to progress. Thanks        

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