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I am new to proxmox and turnkey, so forgive the simple question

EVERY time i start ANY container I get a wrong username / password error.  I have attempted root and admin.  I use the password i created in the proxmox build screen.

I feel like I am missing something simple.  Can someone help?


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Hi Roy. Welcome to TurnKey! Sorry to hear of your troubles logging in. TBH I'm not 100% sure why you are having issues as it should "just work".

Just to ensure that we're on the same page, the Linux (terminal and/or SSH) username is root. The password for the root Linux user should be what you set pre-laucnh; within Proxmox.

The only thing that I can think of that would cause this is if there are characters that are being misinterpreted. That should only occur if you are not using a US-International keyboard. If you are using a different keyboard, then I would recommend that you use an SSH keypair (enter that in Proxmox instead of a password, the nlog in via a SSH client instead of the Proxmox NoVNC window). If you do set a password, I recommend trying with a fairly simple password without any special characters (make it long if you want it to still be secure).

Note that there will be no feedback when you enter your password (it will look like nothing is happening). Your key presses will still be registered though.

If you continue to have issues, please give explicit details of which appliances you are trying, confirm that you have tried both the Proxmox NoVNC browser window and a SSH client, which characters you are using in your password(s) and what version of Proxmox you are using and I'll see if I can recreate your issue(s) to see if there is a bug.

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Considering the issues that you're hitting, I see 2 likely possibilities. Either there is something you're missing that seems obvious to me (curse of knowledge) but I'm not sure what it might be. Or there is something wrong with your Proxmox setup.

Considering your issues aren't limited to TurnKey server (you noted same issues with Ubuntu), it might also be worth posting on the Proxmox forums. Be sure to give them lots of info about your setup (Proxmox version, how you installed it, a rough overview of your hardware, etc).

Regardless, the format for SSH keys is pretty standard. Perhaps generate a new one to be sure?

If you use OpenSSH (should be pre-installed on Linux and Mac, you'll need to install it on Windows) then try this:

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C ""

That should generate a ed25519 (aka EdDSA) key, which is (currently) the recommended algorithm. The last part is optional and can be any comment, but by convention it's usually your email address.

You should end up with 2 files, the private key ('id_ed25519' by default) and the public key ('' by default). On Linux, by default they will be found in ~/.ssh but I'm not 100% sure for Mac and Windows.

Alternatively, you could use PuTTy (specifically PuTTygen) to generate a keypair. The one to add to your server (via Proxmox UI at launch time) is the public key. Keep the private key in a safe spot - by default it should be saved in your Home directory with specific permissions to reduce chances of snooping from other user accounts. This is the one that you'll need to provide when logging in. If you used OpenSSH it should automatically pick the key up. Alternatively, if you have multiple keys, select it specifically with the '-i' switch. E.g. on Linux (possibly the same on other systems, but I can't be 100% sure):

ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_ed25519 root@192.168.x.x

(Silly example as that's the default location in Linux, but you get hte idea - also 192.168.x.x is hte IP of your container).

I'm not sure if that's of any help? But I hope so! Good luck :)

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Roy responded via email but for some reason his response wasn't processed and just landed in my inbox...:

So I was using a different key, but even when I changed to the recommendation below, no change. It doesn’t matter whether I load the key via the button or copy and paste the key, Proxmox doesn’t recognize the ssh.
As mentioned the containers are not functioning for me. I will work a few more times, I even though that maybe the container ID was an issue, as I would delete the container when it wouldn’t work, and end up with another container with the same number. So I started moving that around as well to make sure there were no cache issues.
I would love to mess with the container, but not sure how to move ahead
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Is this a standard Proxmox install? Was it using an official Proxmox ISO installed to (x86_64 aka amd64) supported hardware?

Unless this is some sort of unsupported experimental Proxmox install; I strongly recommend that you post in the Proxmox forums in an effort to resolve what appears to be a broken Proxmox LXC integration!

Personally, I would not trust this Proxmox install until you can figure out the cause of the issue(s) you're hitting. Even if it only appears to affect containers (and "proper" VMs seem ok) I would be worried about what is causing it and what other (as yet unnoticed) issues are occurring without being noticed.

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It's strange that you do have one container that is working properly, but can't launch any new/additional ones?!

Regardless, I think that speaking with the people on the Proxmox forums will hopefully help you work out the issue.

If/when you manage to get your Proxmox working properly, please feel free to post back with any further questions or feedback regarding the TurnKey containers. Also if you find out anything interesting that you think might be worth sharing with us, please post it bak here on this thread!

Good luck with it all.

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I had the same exact root password issue as the original poster. Create container, specify a password, once container creation finished try to log in, password doesn't work. I ended up connecting to the host Proxmox machine and using 'pct enter <ID>' where <ID> is the container ID. That dropped me in to root inside the container w/o a password prompt and from there issued 'passwd' to set the password to the exact same password I was using in the container creation form. There's something wrong w/ the container creation with respect to the turnkey templates.
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I wonder what the issue is? Unfortunately until I can reproduce it, I'm only guessing... In the meantime, here are some questions to answer that might assist me to work out what the issue might be:

Are you using a US international (or compatible) keyboard? If not, could you please retry using a more simple password (e.g. just use characters that should map 1 to 1 with a US international keyboard)?

Do you use a non-English locale on your PC (that you use to access Proxmox via web browser)? What about Proxmox itself? (In theory that shouldn't matter, but perhaps it might?)

When you log into your container, are you doing that from a "proper" SSH client (e.g. OpenSSH)? Or are you using the Proxmox in browser terminal? E.g. the 'NoVNC' in browser terminal?

Have you also tested logging in via Webmin and/or Webshell? Do either of those work with the password you set?

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