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I had to reboot my turnkey lxc container. After reboot I tried to open my turnkey again and got the message:


Please initialize this system...



so I logged into the system via ssh ran the turnkey-init but still getting the screen. Any Idea how I am able to login to turnkey again?

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but a quick forum search turned up this which sounds similar

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Hi there and apologies for such a slow response...

As Timmy noted, there is some discussion on that thread, although probably the bit to pay attention to there is this post.

I would also double check that you have sufficient free space (on the host) and none of your host partitions or LVMs are "read only" (check with "mount").

It's probably also useful to check the logs. Here are the relevant commands to check the journal for inithook issues:

# v17.x (and earlier)
journalctl -b -u inithooks

# v18.x
journalctl -b -t inithooks

Hopefully that helps. Please feel free to post back with more questions etc if you want/need a bit more guidance.

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