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New implementation of TKL Fileserver. Sometimes when I reboot, the Config Console which comes up on the main monitor, starts to break up and dsiplay more console commands (see attached .jpg). This doesn't seem to be causing any malfunction, as far as I can see, but it doesn't look right. Any comments welcome.

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it still happens

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via bootup and shutdown options in webmin. The console puts up the login prompt instead of the confconsole, as expected, then the console output appears which was corrupting the confconsole screen. These look like the last few entries in the bootup script (init.d?), and they seem to happen AFTER the bootup thinks it has finished.

Oh, and then I reinstated confconsole at bootup via webmin, but it didn't come back. I have to run it from webmin manually if I want to use it. :-(

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Unfortunately the screen being spammed by kernel/boot log is a known issue (and here's a duplicate with a screenshot).

FWIW I have just reopened the issue for our next major release (v15.0). The next major release (which will be the next release after we finish v14.2) will be based on Debian Stretch. That has a newer version of SystemD (the initialisation system) so hopefully we'll be able to fix it properly then.

TBH, I'm not really sure exactly what Webmin does when it disables services/daemons. I started off using Webmin too, but I tend to avoid it these days; for that reason. I find the commandline much more user friendly and intuitive (once you get over the initial intimidation). It only does exactly what I tell it to (or errors to let me know why it can't/won't)! You can also scroll back through past commands so that you know exactly what you have done. But obviously YMMV.

As I'm not sure how the service was disabled, I am only guessing but this command should re-enable confconsole to auto start at boot:

update-rc.d confconsole defaults

Let me know if that fixes it.

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The screen spam isn't an issue to me - I just wanted to make sure it didn't mean bad things were happening - it looks a bit scary. Your command didn't work, but I rolled back to an earlier version of the system before the webmin command, so that is solved.

Many thanks.

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