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Hi @all,

I would like to host my GIT repos on the RedMine TKL appliance but not really sure how to go about setting this up. I can log on via SSH as user vcs and init a new git repo under /srv/repos/git, let's say it's called app01:

$ cd git
$ mkdir app01
$ cd app01
$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /srv/repos/git/app01/.git/

I was hoping to go into my project, add a repo with id = app01 and path=/srv/repos/git and then be able to do a

git clone http://<myRedMineAppliance>/git/app01

form my workstation, but no dice.

What am I missing here? Is it even possible to host a repo on RedMine without having a master copy of it on GitHub?

Thanks a lot in advance for any insight!


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Thanks for reporting your issue.

It's been a while since I looked at the Redmine appliance, but it should "just work" AFAIK. Obviously that does not appear to be the case in your scenario. IIRC I think I was tested with SSH keys (rather than using HTTPS), but it should work either way IMO.

I'll try to test it out myself again ASAP so I can either confirm the issue (and seek to resolve it) or provide instructions on how to make it work (or at least on how I made it work...).

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... i.e. using a Linux username and password as well as the absolute path:

git clone ssh://vcs@MYREDMINE/srv/repos/git/<reponame>/.git

So the question that remains, I guess, is whether it is even supposed to work over HTTP(S) or GIT protocols. In the case on hand, I can live with having to authenticate every time I pull or push but for the more general usage I will look at the GitLab appliance...

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Apologies I haven't had a chance to get back to this yet.

Perhaps somewhat ironically (going from your post) one of the more major things that has been soaking up my time and energy has been the major refactoring of our GitLab appliance.

Out of interest, I personally use our Gitea appliance. I exclusively use SSH like this:


Although it's worth noting that the Gitea appliance doesn't use the common "vcs" set up that Redmine (and Revision control) does. The new GitLab won't either (neither does the current GitLab).

Re GitLab: Assuming it's possible, I would encourage you to hold off for a few days before you try that out. The v15.2 appliance (as discussed in the thread I linked to earlier) is a major rewrite and should be much easier for end users to maintain (it now leverages the GitLab Omnibus package, previously was a source install). I have built it and hope to publish it this week.

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