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I installed turnkey Linux 16 and changed my theme.  WordPress instructed me to get rid of unused themes and I deleted the original one installed in this build.  While everything works, I get a message that I have NO default theme.  I would like to re-install the original theme, but don't know what it was.  What is the theme in your default build?  Twenty Thirteen?  Twenty Twenty?  Other?


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The default theme we ship with currently is "twentytwenty". FWIW the themes are named after the year. I.e. it's 2020 written in words rather than numbers. AFAIK any relatively recent theme should do (e.g. 'twentynineteen' or twentyeighteen' should be fine too).

Regarding the warning that you are getting. AFAIK the "requirement" of a default theme is just in case there is some issue with your current theme so that it can fall back to a known good theme. So technically, so long as your current theme well coded, strictly speaking, you do not require a default theme.

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