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Can I "migrate" my current Wordpress VMs to the latest build using TK Backup? I'm on the initial release of 16, and I see there is now a 16.1 with updated WebMin and a few bug fixes. I'd love to not have to completely rebuild each machine, and was wondering if the migration feature does this forward upgrade for me. Thanks, Brian
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Hi Brian, using TKLBAM to migrate to a newer minor release (e.g. v16.0 -> v16.1) should "just work".

Having said that, you can get the newer Webmin and other minor updates and bugfixs via updated packages. Note that by simply updating the packages, generally there are no major changes (Webmin is a bit of an exception) and you may not get everything included in a newer version by updating packages (although looking at the changelog, I don't think you'll miss out on anything of value). Whilst it should be relatively safe operation, I recommend taking a system snapshot before hand so you have a quick and super simple way to roll back if things don't work as they should. Then run this from the commandline:

apt update
apt upgrade

Migrating to a newer major release (e.g. 16.0 -> v17.0) is also possible, but may not "just work" and generally I advise just migrating the minimum data possible (so generally just your WordPress files and database).

If/when you want to move to a new major release, I'm more than happy to provide details. FWIW I hope to have the new v17.0 ready within the next few months.

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Hi, just wondering if it worked for you?




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