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I tried tk-dev 15.0rc1  and build lamp stack iso with it. I am testing now in vm and seems to be no issue yet.

During the build process was some warning and message where i find the build log ?

Tanx Jmos

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Thanks for testing it out! Great to hear that it built successfully and appears to be working ok.

Regarding a build log, unfortunately when you run 'make' it doesn't create a log, it just logs straight to the screen. You could redirect all the output to a file, but that will mean that you won't see what is happening. However, you can actually force it to output to a file and the screen at the same time. Like this:

make 2>&1 | tee logfile

That should output everything to the screen and when it's finished, there should also be a file 'logfile' with everything in it as well.

As fatal errors will stop the build process, the fact that you ended up with an ISO suggests that anything you saw in the logs were simply warnings which can generally be ignored. Having said that, please feel free to rerun it as noted above and post back with anything that concerns you and I'm happy to give you feedback.

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