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I spent a fair bit of time getting SSL certs functioing.  All essential services except for MariaDB are able to run and function.  Webmin.  SSH  (Webshell still has an SSL issue).

I need MariaDB to start.

I have run 

turnkey-init a few times.  Part of the issue is the old system had a shorter password (7 charachters) while 16.x requires 8 charachters.

I have also done the following

apt-get update
apt-get install mariadb-server

Not sure what to do from here other than turn the old system on (doing that now).  Unfortunately my paid SSL just expired and TKL 15.x is not taking LetsEncrypt from confconsole.  (will try again).

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

thank you.

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copied here for clarity:

Not able to get MariaDB to start after a TKLbam restore migrating TKL Joomla3 15.x to TKL Joomla3 16.1

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Well I have a few month's to work it out.

Last time I went to move Joomla3 up a TKL generation I remember lot's of work arounds.

I don't know if those workarounds caused this issue or whether Joomla just does not like to jump through TKLBAM.

Seems like everything moved across.  Just can't start the database...  anyway, we have a system for now TKL 15.x.  Dehydrated won't generate but the 16.x certs work with 15.x when manually placed and called..  I'll loop back around on this.

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If a service isn't starting, then the first thing to check is it's logs. Hopefully that might give some insight.

For insight into the MySQL/MariaDB service, you can check the journal:

journalctl -u mariadb

There may also be a log file in /var/log. I forget, but I think it was /var/log/mysql?

MariaDB also have a troubleshooting page that might give some further ideas.

Please feel free to post back logs and/or other info if you want some further feedback.

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I bought myself those few months with the cert "copy over" to the old server..  but that is coming up and I should work through this on Joomla.  Have not been working with Joomla too much (just letting it run)..  Need to do so again though.  It's moved many generations.  Why stop now?
I have done manual migrations before.  May need to do that again.  A bit of a pain TBH.

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