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I've poked around everywhere on the web ui, but cannot seem to locate my current turnkey file server installation version.  /etc/os-release, /etc/issue, /etc/proc/version, uname, etc show no mention.  I've been running tkl file server for quite some time and just curious what version I am actually running.  Can somebody point me to the spot I'm having a hard time finding?!?  Thanks in advance.

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Try running:


That will give output like this:


E.g. for a 64 bit v16.1 Fileserver (v16.x was based on Debian Buster):


Please note that that is generated at build time, so if you've done a Debian style in place upgrade, then your Debian version may not match (the codename noted in the TurnKey version string). To double check the Debian version:

lsb_release -ric

Should output something like:

Distributor ID:	Debian
Release:	10
Codename:	buster

(FWIW 'turnkey-version' reads the /etc/turnkey_version file).

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Hello again Jeremy!  Thank you for the helpful command.  Now I know I'm running 16.1.  And might I add for nearly 4 years now without a single hiccup.  Thank you to the community for providing such an awesome open source solution!

This may have been addressed elsewhere, but is there a straightforward method to upgrade to 17.1 without a new reinstallation and configuration? 

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You have 2 choices; migrate data to a newer version or in place Debian style upgrade. So your first stop should probably be the "How to upgrade an appliance" doc page.

As noted there, technically we don't support Debian style in place upgrade, but it should work ok and I'm more than happy to give "best effort" support if you hit any issues. If you do go that route, then be sure to have a working backup as failure during upgrade may brick your system and rollbacks generally aren't possible. In fact, I'd also recommend taking a snapshot (they're often quicker and easier to rollback to - although aren't a replacement for a backup IMO). If you're running on bare metal, I suggest using something like Clonezilla to clone your hard drive before attempting an upgrade.

The TurnKey Debian resources doc page might also be useful? I suspect that the most important Debian doc pages when doing a Buster to Bullseye upgrade would be the Bullseye release notes, specifically the upgrade doc page plus also checkout the Bullseye issues page. I think that someone documented the process here in the forums are one point, but I don't seem to be able to find it right now?!

The other (preferred and "officially" supported) alternative is to use TKLBAM to migrate your data from your old server to a new instance. The beauty of going that way is you get to test your backup in the real world and you also don't need to touch your old server, until the new one is up and running. Although obviously that only applies to VMs. If installed to bare metal, then I'd also recommend taking a Clonezilla snapshot just in case.

I would expect a TKLBAM migration of TurnKey FIleserver from v16.x to v17.x to "just work". Worst case scenario though, you can do a "staged" restore (as noted on the TKLBAM doc page). I'm happy to assist further if you have more questions and/or hit any issues.

Good luck! :)

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