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Trying a restore of the nginx fastgi server.  Currently runs on 50GB disk on VMware (not sure why such a big disk - it was just setup that way)  - restoring to a Virtual box instance.

Now we gave the virtual box instance over 50GB disk space to be sure.  But the full backup is just over 1GB.  Its a proxy and doesn't do a great deal.

Having tried twice when restoring it gets part way through then appears to have filled the disk.

Disk usage on the live server is about 4GB - so I'm guessing something is going wrong... (stating the obvious I know).

Any thoughts ... had a search through the forums couldn't see anything obvious.

The profile is turnkey-nginx-php-fastcgi-13.0-wheezy-amd64


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It certainly does sound strange. Are you trying to restore to the same server where the backup comes from? Or are you trying to restore to a new server? If you haven't already, then perhaps it's worth trying to restore to a new (v13.x if you still have the ISO/OVA) server?

Also I suggest that you try restoring the backup in stages. First download the backup:

mkdir /tklbam-dump
tklbam-restore BACKUP_ID --raw-download=/tklbam-dump

Then, if that's successful, try restoring:

tklbam-restore /tklbam-dump

I'm guessing that one of those steps will fail, but at least then you may have a little more insight.

If you still have the original server running (where the backup comes from). Then it may be wroth trying to have a look through the backup. You can do that using the --simulate switch. ncdu is a handy tool for seeing what space is being taken up; if you don't have that installed, try installing that first:

apt-get update && apt-get install ncdu
Then run the simulation:
tklbam-backup --simulate
Then inspect your backup:
ncdu /TKLBAM
Anything in there which you don't need, you can exclude from future backups but adding an override (/etc/tklbam/overrides). See the tklbam-backup man page.

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