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I would like to configure let's encrypt with confconsole (like

But when I launch confconsole, I see Advanced Menu but I can not select Advanced Menu :

- ENTER : command exit,
- ALT A : command exit,
- TAB : does nothing

Do you have an idea to use it on nextcloud applicance ?


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FWIW it works for me, both via the Proxmox NoVNC window, and/or via SSH?! So I'm not really sure what is going on for you?!

I use <up>/<down> arrows to change highlighted menu items, <tab> to change action selection (e.g. between "Select" and "Back") then <enter> to select the chosen option.

I suggest that whichever connection method you are using, you try a different one (e.g. if you are using NoVNC window, try logging in via SSH).

Are you perhaps using a non-US international keyboard? If so, perhaps your keypresses are being misinterpreted?

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