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Hi, I'm trying to setup Turnkey Redmine on DigitalOcean, but after 4 hours getting nowhere.

I tried the docker images and didn't get anywhere.

I switched to "custom images" way to create a vm from the Turnkey Redmine qcow2 and created a VM but cannot login.  

I'd also like to persist data in a volume /mnt/volume-nyc1-02/

After creating the VM that I cannot login.  

With SSH, I get Too many authentication failures

DO doesn't show the VM creation log, so I don't know what the root password is.

How do I get this to work?  What's an easy self-hosting option (not AWS)?

Thank you!

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Hi Jeremy, thanks for your very complete response.  I triend the "custom ISO" and didn't get anywhere.  Yes, it seemed like something wasn't working during the install.

I'll check out the hosting partners and see what's up.  Thank you!


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