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So, I tried the Owncloud appliance, and got the trusted domain error message, but I couldn't find the config file to edit, so I wiped that, and tried Nextcloud, thinking I might have better luck. Same error. So, I discovered the config file, not in where the owncloud people say it should live, but in var/www/. Anyway, I just don't understand what I should put in there to be able to access the webUI. I don't run a domain, as this is just on my home network. Does it require a certificate and a domain name? Is there a 'dummies' guide out there somewhere to setting this up?



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When you first run the appliance, you should be presented with a number of questions including setting passwords etc. One of those questions (in both the ownCloud and Nextcloud appliances) should ask you for the domain you are serving.

The simplest way to go in your situation is to just give it the IP address of your ownCloud/Nextcloud server (and obviously you'll need to ensure that it has a static IP; by default TurnKey servers get their IP via DHCP).

On face value that all sounds fair and reasonable, but on first boot that can be a bit of a chicken/egg problem. You may not yet know the DHCP assigned IP address (and you probably don't want to set a static IP within your DHCP assigned range anyway as that may lead to a IP conflict later on down the track...).

So setting the "trusted domain(s)" after firstboot probably makes more sense in your case. So assuming that you plan to access your Nextcloud server via IP address, set a static IP address (as I say, ideally outside your DHCP range).

Then you could re-run the firstboot script like this (will also require you to reset your password):


And it should now "just work". Alternatively, you can do it manually and edit the Nextcloud config (/var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php). Update the "trusted domain" to be the IP address of your Nextcloud server. Then restart Apache:

systemctl restart apache2

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