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Hi everyone,

Very impressed by Turnkey and it's easy deployment! Got a file-server running in no time with webui and everything, magic!

But having issues with the redis-turnkey release.: redis-commander won't let me login

I have downloaded, debian-10-turnkey-redis_16.1-1_amd64.tar.gz and installed the turnkey LXC container.

- Worst: the redis-commander, will not let me login, even with the password from /etc/redis/redis.conf i get sign-in failed. using both username root and admin it won't let me in.

I also typed redis-cli and could auth with the password provided in the redis.conf, but that same password using username admin and root, won't let me login on the redis-commander webui.

- The script does not work in the conf console gui, (reported it here)

I would like to use the turnkey redis server but it's a huge issue that i cannot set the turnkey redis-commander password / find it anywhere. any help?

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The stacktrace from Confconsole is definitely an issue! And it certainly does suggest that there is something that we've missed. I also note that you've posted on our GitHub issue tracker too, so thanks for that. As I just posted on GH, I've opened a new issue and have posted a workaround for that.

Re the other (the original) issue re the inital password setting. I have also looked and I can see the issue there too. I'll look to fix that soon, but the workaround that I posted previously still applies.

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