We have our webserver installed on the turnkey linux and we use codeigniter framework for php.

We have installed the debian linux server on our server and now want to transer from turnkey. Can anyone guide with the procedure to transfer codeigniter and other apps if any to debian? How does it work? do i just copy files or is there an official image file setup that needs to be done?


Ammar Surti

Jeremy Davis's picture

TurnKey (as of v12.0) is Debian! So you're already there! :)

TKL v13.x = Debian Wheezy, TKL v14.x = Debian Jessie, etc...

Out of interest, why are you moving away for TurnKey? Anything that you can do within Debian you can also do within TurnKey (because it is essentially Debian under the hood).

Regardless, it should be as straight forward as moving any LAMP/PHP based webapp/website. You'll need a DB dump of the relevant DB and the contents of /var/www/codeigniter. And you should be good to go...

FWIW you could use TKLBAM to migrate the data. TKLBAM installs on vanilla Debian and should work fine in this instance (asuming that you have your Debian LAMP set up correctly.

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