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I'm trying to install Webmin modules but I'm getting this error:

Failed to install standard module : Module samba requires Webmin version 1.900 or above

Is there a way to update Webmin to 1.900?

I'm using Turnkey LAMP 15.1

Many thanks in advance!


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We package Webmin ourselves (to keep the size down). So if you want to install individual modules that aren't included by default (that will be compatible with the installed version) then you can do that via apt. E.g. to install the samba module:

apt update
apt install webmin-samba

If you'd rather update to the latest upstream Webmin, then I suggest that you remove the existing installation like this:

apt remove webmin

Then install the upstream version as noted on the relevant page. Please note that the upstream version includes all the available default modules. I'm not sure if the TKLBAM module is compatible with that or not, but that will likely only be an issue if you're using TKLBAM (our built-in backup tool).

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