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I have been very naughty. I have failed to keep myself up-to-date and now I've let things get so far out of whack I don't know where to begin. Help me [forum] you're my only hope...

I've got a v14 turnkey odoo appliance, running whichever version of odoo that came with (was it 8?)

I want to get myself up to the new shiny, what steps do I need to take? Can I export the database or something from my current appliance and then spin up a 15.1 version? Can I import my current database or do I need to do more. I'm looking for step-by-step instructions to get me from here to there.

Presumably each step of odoo upgrade 8 -> 9 ->10 -> 11 will require modifications to the db, so perhaps I need to do the upgrade steps to 11 first, then spin up a v15 appliance and migrate my db from v14 to v15?

Has anyone else had to go through this (even if they were sensible and did each step at the time it happened)?

My current appliance is up on the turnkey hub. Will it be easier to do the upgrade steps on a local copy, do a tklbam backup, take down the current server and spin up a new server and restore the backup?

I need clear detailed step by step instructions please!

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Unfortunately, I don't have a "step-by-step" guide for you. And due to the changes within Odoo, I can't really even give you a vague guide... I don't personally have much experience with Odoo other than installation. I did have a bit of a google and found some promising looking results on updating/migrating from v8 to v11, but the Odoo forums appear to be down currently, so I couldn't actually view any to see whether they might likely be of value.

FWIW for each new release, Odoo have been slowly migrating components from their free open source version to their pay-for "Enterprise" version. So depending on what functionality you are using, this may require some significant work. The OCA (Odoo Community Association) have been working hard to provide equivalent open source modules, as well as OpenUpgrade (an Odoo opensource upgrade script(s)). But I'm not really clear on how well that works.

So personally, I would suggest that your first step would be to get in touch with the Odoo community and note the modules that you're using and seek some expert advice. Unfortunately as I noted above, the Odoo forums and mailing list signup pages appear to be down, so I'm guessing that we'll need to wait until they're back up...

It's worth noting that the server you have currently have running would be TurnKey v14.x. That was based on Debian 8/Jessie and installed Odoo v8 from the upstream source git repo. TurnKey v15.x is based on Debian 9/Stretch and has Odoo v11 installed from upstream apt packages. FWIW Odoo v12 has been out since late last year but they've removed some (more) quite core modules, so we're not really clear on when we'll move our appliance to v12.

Debian Jessie will continue to receive updates for about another year, although as you probably know, Odoo 8 has been EOL for quite some time. It should be possible to update Odoo and the underlaying OS independent of each other.

As for whether you'd be better to upgrade your current server, or migrate data to a new one, without a greater understanding of the Odoo upgrade process, I'm not 100% clear. I'd be really interested in hearing more about it though, so please share any insights you gain. I'm happy to do my best to assist you where I can.

Sorry I don't have anything more specific for you, but hopefully I've given you enough to get you headed in the right direction. Please feel free to come back if you have further questions that my TurnKey knowledge may be of value. It'd also be great to hear how you go and what does (and doesn't) work for you. I'm sure it'd be of value to others.

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