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I would like to suggest that you make a change in the VM.  Ownership of the Prestashop directory and all child files and directories should belong to www-data.  Only notice the issue when installing a module, and the install fails.  This can (and did) leave the shop in a bad condition.  


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I wonder which directory we are missing? We should be matching what Prestashop suggest, which is noted in their install docs.

A very quick glance suggests that we're not currently following that exactly. (I noticed that on the config/xml dir is owned by the webserver, there the docs suggest the whole dir should be). It seems that things may well have changed since we last updated those settings. Actually, perhaps we should just follow your suggestion, although I'm inclined to err on the side of caution and try to match what Prestashop recommend (stopping the webserver from writing anywhere is shouldn't need to can reduce the potential hacks that can occur).

Regardless, thanks for posting. For now, I've opened a new issue for it so it doesn't get forgotten.

If you could recommend a plugin and/or theme that we could use to test it would be awesome. Ideally a free one! :)

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It is all directories that need to be changed from prestashop through all subdirectories.  Permission are correct.  The shop will run.  Changes made by the shop are written as www-data in group www-data.  However, ownership of the directories are root:root and write will fail.  

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