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I have OTRS Turnkey version V 15.1, now the new version is available V 16.1

Is there any way to upgrade this software to latest release ?

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You should be able to migrate data with TKLBAM. I.e. create a TKLBAM backup on the current system and restore it to a new v16.1 instance.

Although the devil is always in the detail. So I suggest that you give that a go and if you hit any issues, please let me know and I'll my best to help you out. The beauty of that is that you can play with the new server without disrupting the current server.

Alternatively, as under the hood, TurnKey is Debian, you could try doing a Debian upgrade. If you go that path, be sure to take a full "snapshot" style copy/image of your current server. Do that as once you start there is no way to back track (other than restore a previous snapshot). For more info on upgrading, please see the relevant Debian docs. You won't get all of the changes that we've added for v16.x (it won't quite be v16.x, but will be based on same software components), but the process should work relatively smoothly (fingers crossed) and it should give an acceptable result.

Good luck and please share which path you choose and how you go with it. Obviously please ask if you have questions or hit issues.

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