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Hi Team,


I built one of our observium appliances today and i used the market place image. i do not want to provide api access to our aws account and i configure updatesd without it ? what does giving api access to turnkey to our observium appliance do and achieve ?

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The only reason you need to link a server to the Hub is if you want to use our built in remote, encrypted backup and data migration tool, TKLBAM - also see from the Hub's side.

If you don't want to use that, that's fine. No need to link to the Hub.

Also Stuart, whilst it's awesome to have you here on the forums, as a paying customer, you are entitled to access our email support (support AT You will usually get a much faster response there (expected response times are one work day, often quicker). If/when you do email, please note that you are an AWSMP customer and provide your AWS ID number too.

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