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I installed my container following the default settings.  But to access the container at the received address I always get error 503 service unavailable on port 12322 or I can't get to this page on when accessing through port 8096.
The Fiel server and WebDav access normally.

Can you help me locate where the problem is?

Thank you

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But maybe I can get you putting out the data others will need.

Which/what container system is being used (I have never used TKL containers)?

What host is it running on?

Does the container service automatically expose all ports or is there a config file where you have exposed those ports? If there is a config file, can you share it?

Can you test from within the container that you have network connectivity?

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Hi marvdaluz, as per the subject, I suspect that Jellyfin may have crashed and/or not be running for some reason. I say that as our appliance has Jellyfin bound to localhost and reverse proxied via the Apache webserver that also runs the Webdev interface. A 503 error means "Service unavailable" - so for some reason teh reverse proxy can't connect to Jellyfin.

Also, thanks as always for dropping in Timmy and trying to help.

I don't have a Jellyfin server running ATM and will hopefully have a closer look myself ASAP. In the meantime, Jellyfin runs as a service. So you can check it's status like this:

systemctl status jellyfin

If that reports as "active (exited)" or some other status that suggests it may not be running, try restarting it like this:

systemctl restart jellyfin

If that still doesn't work, please rerun the status command and share that. Also within 10 minutes of running the restart command, please give me the output of:

journalctl -u jellyfin --since "10 minutes ago"

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